German Major of the NPU was founded in 2002, and is the first established German Major of the two in northwest china, which has the background of the “211” and “985” universities. Each year about 25 elite graduates from the high schools in whole country are accepted into our major. Our workshop has a team of 6 chinese teachers and two foreign experts from Germany, Austria or Switzerland. In the past 14 years, it has accumulated rich teaching experience. Our research directions include german Literature, translation studies, and linguistics. Our students in grade 2 and 3 can take part in the exchange project between NPU and the Hochschule Fresenius and University Kassel in Germany for six or twelve months Study.

Training goal: This major is to train the practical and composite German talents who have solid basic knowledge of German and can use the language skills of German skillfully and do the job of translation, teaching and management in the department related to foreign affairs, business, education, tourism, etc. while having the ability of using English skillfully and broad scope of knowledge.

Main courses: Required courses including Basic German, Oral German, German Listening & Speaking, Written Translation of German, German Reading, German Writing, Senior German, German Interpretation, College Chinese, College English, etc.

Selective courses: Brief History of Germany, History of Germany Literature, Selective Reading of German Literature, Selective Reading of German News Media, Sci-tech German, Business Correspondence, Introduction to Linguistics, Deutsche Welle

Specialized direction: To provide the society with composite German talents with high quality, solid basis and wide specification and improve the employment competitiveness of the students by using the training mode "German + English + Professional Skill", and enable the graduates to have excellent communicative competences of using German and English by teaching the knowledge about Language and Literature of German, requiring the graduates to use the second foreign language (English) skillfully and master the professional basic knowledge related to the works after graduation. And improve the international competiveness of the students by implementing international cooperation with the Munich University of Applied Languages (SDI) and selecting and sending the students to go to Germany for studies.

Professional orientation: The graduate of this major can do the works of following fields: secretary and translator of commercial agencies of German-speaking countries in China, translator and business personnel of all kinds of German enterprises, tour guide of International travel service, outreach and reception personnel of hotel, scientific research and teaching of relevant fields, such as linguistics of German, etc.; further, the graduates can go to Germany for further studies.

Educational system: Four years; and the academic degree to be awarded: Bachelor of Arts

In our undergraduate training program,

Total credits 164 per 16 hours is 1 credits

General education courses 35.5

Comprehensive literacy courses 12

Specialized courses 96.5


Required courses 62.5

Selective courses 34

Practice 20

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