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Joshua Tsang

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Personal Details

Nationality: Amerian

Mother Tongue: English


2009.9 Cambridge University CELTA Certificate Teaching House of New York

1999–2001 University of Virginia M.S. Systems and Information Engineering

1995–1999 University of Virginia B.S. Systems Engineering (Concentration: Environmental Systems)

Working Experience

2010.9–Present Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an, Shaanxi, P.R. China

2009.10–2009.11 Teaching House of New York, Manhattan, NY.

2007 Angel House, Dearborn, MI

2001.8–2005.7 Systems Engineer, Institute for Water Resources, Corps of Engineers, Alexandria, VA

2000 Guangdong Foreign Language Normal School (FLN), Guangzhou, China


Tsang, J.L., Lambert, J.H. and Patev R.C. (2002). “Extreme Event Scenarios for Planning of Infrastructure Projects.”J. Infrastruct. Syst.8 (2), 42-48.

Professional Development

· Teachers’ Training, “Western and Chinese Approaches to Writing”, Jian Hua Foundation Annual Conference, Chiang Mai, Thailand Feb. 2011.

· Teachers’ Training, “Independent Language Learning” and “Positive Psychology”, Jian Hua Foundation Annual Conference, Hong Kong, Feb. 2012.

· Teachers’ Training, “Movies-centered Lessons”, “New Technologies for Administrating a Course”, Jian Hua Foundation Annual Conference, Chiang Mai, Thailand Feb. 2013.

Language Proficiency

· Mandarin and Cantonese (conversant); Reading and Writing Chinese (basic); German (basic)

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Chang’an campus of Northwestern Polytechnical University
ADD: Dongxiang Road, Xi’an Shaanxi,710129, P.R.China.

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