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Michael Schmittbetz

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Personal Information

As a language teacher and journalist, I became – mainly during the past two decades an expert for German language. My main emphasis lies in German literature and stylistics. Writing German and teaching German alternate in my professional biography regularly, rather, complementary.

Teaching experience

I gained long before my current job as a teacher in the 2 + 3 program at the Hefei University. So I taught in 2013 in Germany foreign students to the levels B1 to C1. 2009 and 2010 I was an academic lecturer in journalism education at the University of Leipzig.

My professional activity in brief

Since March 5, 2014: German teacher in the 2 + 3 program at Hefei University in Hefei / Anhui.

September 2013 January 2014: German teacher (DAF) at a language school in Erfurt / Thüringen

May August 2013: intensive English course, completion Level C1 (proficiency), predicate: "very good".

December 2001 April 2013: head of internet editors of MDR knowledge magazine LexiTV in movie production company Cine Plus Leipzig GmbH.

July 2000 July 2001: training as an editor and web programmer at the Media Academy in Berlin.

October 1999 June 2000: freelance journalist for applied research, regular publications among others in the Handelsblatt and in the VDInachrichten.

September 1998 September 1999: lecturer in training courses for teachers.

May 1994 August 1998: freelance journalist for applied research.

Soft skills and more

I possess proven English language skills in speaking and writing. In addition, advanced Spanish skills from numerous trips, longer stays in Havana, personal contacts and comprehensive study of Cuban history and present.

The ability to manage teams I've deepened during the past years. I am exceptionally reliable and accustomed to responsible work.

I acquired pronounced IT experience. This refers to various operating systems (Ubuntu, Windows), office tools, image processing tools and information security. Privately I deal with contemporary history, with mathematics (probability theory, statistics) and with literature. Sport is part of my daily life.

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Chang’an campus of Northwestern Polytechnical University
ADD: Dongxiang Road, Xi’an Shaanxi,710129, P.R.China.

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