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Sabine Hinerasky-Wong

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Personal Details

Nationality: German

Mother Tongue: German



1981.11-1985.2 University of Wuerzburg Master of Art (Julius-Maximilians-Universitaet) Sinology, Japanology

1983.9-1984.7 Semesters abroad: Guoyu Ribao Private School, Taipei

1976.9-1981.6 Roentgen-Gymnasium (grammer school), Wuerzburg

Specifications: modern language

1971.9-1976.7 Julius-Echter-Gymnasium (grammar school), Elsenfeld

1967.9-1971.7 Elementary school, Sommerau, Bavaria

Working Experience

2010-present Freelance expert China

1997-2010 Partner at WONG GmbH trading company

1994-1997 Educational holidays, teacher for German language for foreign students at Euro-Language School, Wuerzburg

1991-1994 Office Manager at PICO Neureuter Fair Media, Hong Kong

1990-1991 Trainee at Neureuter Fair Media, Munich, Germany

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Chang’an campus of Northwestern Polytechnical University
ADD: Dongxiang Road, Xi’an Shaanxi,710129, P.R.China.

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