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English Introduction

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The Department of College English offers a broad range of English courses to all the first- and second-year non-English major undergraduate, with the total number of approximately 7,000 each year. Currently the department has 47 faculty members, consisting of 2 professors, 22 associate professors, and 23 lecturers, most of whom have had the experience of studying or/and working overseas, along with outstanding achievements in both teaching and research. Another 6 foreign teachers are hired to co-work with the faculty and engaged in English teaching and other supplementary work including lecturing, contests training and refereeing, etc. In addition, the department owns 7 multi-media network classrooms opened to students for their online self-study.

The department is proud of its great symbolic achievements in teaching at each stage of its development.
In 2006, college English course was recognized as the Top-quality Curriculum at the national level.
In 2009, the department with a majority of women faculty members was honored with the Heroine Civilized Post.
In 2009, the department won the Second Award of Excellent Teaching Achievements at the national level.
In 2010, the department was named as the Excellent Teaching Group at the national level.
In 2013, college English course was voted the National Top-quality Audio-visual Open Classes.
In 2016, college English course was regarded as the National Top-quality Course Resource for Multi-beneficiaries.

The department is divided into two teaching sections. The first section offers classes for the first-year undergraduates. The aim of the courses in this section is to provide students with balanced training in aspects of listening, speaking, reading, and writing with a focus on improving their speaking and writing skills. In these courses, students will be expected to lay a solid foundation for their communicative competence development.

The courses and course codes for the first-year undergraduates are as follows:
Integrated English (Band 1) U16G12038
Integrated English (Band 2) U16G12039
Integrated English (Band 3) U16G12040
Spoken English (instructed by foreign teachers)
Autonomous Online Listening

In the second section, the courses provided are for the second-year undergraduates who are advanced learners of English. These courses provide opportunities to engage students in expressing ideas, exchanging thoughts, composing essays, debating on issues, translating and interpreting, and also developing their interest and competence in creative thinking and intercultural communication.

The courses and course codes for the second-year undergraduates are as follows:
Academic English Communication U16G12044
Academic English Reading and Writing U16G12045
Translation of Scientific and Technical English U16G12046
Practical English Writing U16G12047
English-Chinese and Chinese-English Translation U16G12048
English Public Speaking and Debating U16G12049
English for International Communication—Viewing, Listening and Speaking U16G12050
Media English U16G12051
Intercultural Communication U16G12052
An Introduction to English-speaking Countries U16G12053
Reading for Human Nature U16G12063
College English Listening and Speaking (by foreign teachers) U16G12068
English for Overseas Study (Ⅰ) Reading and Writing 161012612
English for Overseas Study (Ⅰ) Speaking 161012712
English for Overseas Study (Ⅱ) Reading and Writing 161012812
English for Overseas Study (Ⅱ) Speaking 161012912
Intermediate English 161014312
Advanced English 161014412
Business English (BEC)161011712

Chang’an campus of Northwestern Polytechnical University
ADD: Dongxiang Road, Xi’an Shaanxi,710129, P.R.China.

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