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English major is introduced

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Undergraduate Program for Specialty in English

Ⅰ Specialty Instruction

The English Major Department started its BA program in 1985. The current teaching staff consists of experienced experts from China, the United States, England and Australia. The English Major Department makes full use of its strength in science and engineering, especially in military science to offer students a variety of interdisciplinary undergraduate courses. The focus of teaching is mainly placed on the cultivation of students’ fundamental skills such as effective and creative writing, basic translation and interpretation as well as communication, critical reading and thinking. Meanwhile, the courses aim to help English majors broaden their vision of the world and better understand human civilization.

Upon graduation, the English majors are expected to exhibit proficiency in English,familiarity with science and technology, acquaintance with capability in critical thinking, and creativity and innovativeness so that they will be able to move forward academically and/or professionally. The department also provides students with opportunities to study abroad as an exchange student for about a year.

ⅡEducational Objectives

In order to satisfy the requirements put forward by the globalization and fast economical development, the English major program is planned to cultivate students who will be equipped with full competence in language as well as a wide range of knowledge at the time of their graduation. It will make the full use of its strength not only in language, but also in science and engineering, especially in military science. This will considerably help the students become capable of handling different tasks in many fields, such as foreign affairs, teaching, economy, culture, science, engineering and military operation. During the first two years of students learning, the program will put special emphasis on Basic English language skills and professional knowledge in English. With a good command of these skills and knowledge, it will lay emphasis on cultivating students’ interests and helping them accumulate knowledge in economy, management, science and technology, which are necessary for keeping the pace with the changing demands of the future.

Ⅲ Educational Requirements

Students of this program are expected to have a good command of English language and culture. They should be well equipped with the skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating. They are also required to actively participate in various kinds of practical training. For the purpose of future development, the students will also learn the knowledge concerned with up-to-date science and technology, business and a second foreign language. Through this program, the graduates are expected to:

1.acquire professional knowledge in English language and culture, arts and social science;

2.develop proficient skills in English and cross-cultural communication,

3. demonstrate good ability of using computers and have a good command of a second language;

4.improve analytical and problem-solving skills.

Ⅳ Length of Schooling and Degrees

Duration: four years

Degree conferred to graduates:Bachelor of Arts

ⅤMajor Disciplines

English Language and Literature


Total Credits:152


1. General Compuslory Courses:37.5

Percentage in Total Credits:24.7%

2. General Elective Courses and Interdisciplinary Courses:12

Percentage in Total Credits: 7.9%

3. Disiplinary Courses:79

Percentage in Total Credits:52.0%

4. Internship and Practical Training:23.5

Percentage in Total Credits:15.5%

Ⅶ Main Courses

Comprehensive English, English Listening, English Speaking, English Writing, Advanced English, Translation, Interpretation, Media English, Western Cultures, British Literature, American Literature, Introduction to Linguistics.

Chang’an campus of Northwestern Polytechnical University
ADD: Dongxiang Road, Xi’an Shaanxi,710129, P.R.China.

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