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MSU Summer School Program (2017) Application

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I. About MSU

Michigan State University(MSU) is a public research university in East Lansing, Michigan, Unitede States. MSU was founded in 1855 and served as a model for land-grant universities with the fame of “Public Ivy”. MSU not only excels at engineering programs, especially materials science, and automobile engineering, but also pioneers the studies of supply chain management, education, agriculture, media and music therapy, etc.

Programs including nuclear physics engineering, supply chain management ofthe Eli Broad College of Businessrank the first in the USA. Some programs in the field of media rank the fourth in the USA, with the majors of multicultural communication, mass communication and interpersonal communication listed the top in the world. Besides, of College of Education teachers training ranks the first, educational administration the second, and educational psychology the fifth. Other programs such as international finance and marketing rank the 20th.

II. About the Summer School Program (2017)

1. Time: arrival at July 16, 2017; departure at Aug. 5, 2017 (21 days)

2. Program fees: $3,750 per person, including curriculum fee, room and board (single room, three meals), tour fee (Chicago, Detroit), and administrative fee, exclusive of international traveling expenses (approx. ?11,000 for round trip), visa fee and medical insurance (alternative)

3.Curriculum plan: American culture studies, English intensive training, MS/MA/ME programs consultation, culture tours. The course completion certificates will be issued at the end of the summer school program.

4. More information at/info/4447/12513.htmor

III. Application

1. Application is open to all undergraduates and postgraduates of any field of study

2. Application deadline: Mar. 20, 2017

3. TEL: 029-88430907, 18792798255; Mr. Cui Xiaobin

Chang’an campus of Northwestern Polytechnical University
ADD: Dongxiang Road, Xi’an Shaanxi,710129, P.R.China.

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