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NPU English Corner, a Learning Feast

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Nowadays, with the increasing exchange of the global village, NPU has been in more frequent and diverse contact with colleges and universities worldwide, which makes English one of the indispensible basic skills for college students. English Corner activities, as a platform of practicing oral skills and promoting cultural communication, always gains great popularity among college students. In the School of Foreign languages, faculty of the Department of Public English Teaching for Graduates have been making efforts to create a better environment of speaking English for students, and thus under the leadership of Prof. Liu Meiyan, the director of the Department, they started carrying out English Corner activities adaptive to the need and specialty of graduates.

Previously, two foreign teachers from the School were invited to the English Corner, coordinated with the teachers of the Department Ms. Zhang Fang and Ms. Xue Hongguo to help carry out various activities, which gained a good reputation among students. In this semester, with the joint efforts of teachers, the first English Corner was held at the Youyi Campus on the evening of Sept. 7. Since then, every week the four teachers from the US would come to the English Corner, conducting various activities such as themed presentations, group discussions, role-playing games, etc., who helped the students greatly with their full passion and high responsibility. Besides the foreign teachers, the students from Johnson County Community College (USA), a long-term partner of the School were also invited in the English Corner in this semester. Due to the alike age and hobbies, the students of the two universities have been close friends and left unforgettable memories through this experience. Additionally, in some special occasions like Thanksgiving or Christmas, the foreign teachers would organize some theme activities with gift-exchanging, which gave students a sense of home in the English Corner.

In the past three years, the teachers from China and America have devoted themselves to helping students in the English Corner activities, and in the future the teachers from the Department of Public English Teaching for Graduates will continue dedicating to this small but extraordinary stage on which we believe the students will give more brilliant performances under the joint efforts of all.

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