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School of Foreign Languages Conference for All Faculty Members

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On the afternoon of Jan. 6, 2017, the School of Foreign Languages conference was held with the presence of all the faculty members. The conference was hosted by Mr. Tian Jianguo, Secretary of theParty Committee of the School, who in the first place announced the adjustment of the leading group of the School decided by NPU leading group, appointing Prof. Yin Xiaohuang as the President of the School of Foreign Languages, and Ms. Gao Min as the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the School and member of the Party Committee.

Next, President Yin Xiaohuang delivered an important speech in three aspects. First, the reasons why he made the decision to work in NPU were that he was greatly touched by the sincere hospitality of the university leaders, which motivated him to make contributions to NPU, and that he believed working for the School of Foreign Languages was an opportunity for mutual development. Second, he introduced his work plans such as establishing a dual-degree system of BE and BA in appropriate situations, sending the backbone staff members to Harvard University, Stanford University, and Michigan State University (MSU) for academic exchange annually, and holding a series of high-level academic forum of humanities. Third, he also announced some work plans in recent period, including funding ten teachers in the training program to MSU in 2017, and hosting an large-scale international conference with the theme of “global community and the Belt and Road Initiative”. President Yin’s speech was informative, interesting, uplifting and entertaining, which brought courage and enthusiasm to all the faculty members present.

Finally, Mr. Tian Jianguo required all faculty members to give full support to President Yin in his work. Besides, he also summarized the major work of the past year and notified of the latest school conferences.

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